Jayanti Alam

   The North East India & South West China: A Comparative Study with Special Reference to the Position of Women in their Societies.”

   Abdus Salain Azad

   Contribution of Tripura in Liberation War of Bangladesh.

   Ms. Nandita Bagchi

  Defining Identity in Northeastern India under Colonial Rule.

   Mr Dilip Banerjee

  Insurgency in the North East: A Visual Record

   Ms Jumyir Basar

  A Study of Indigenous Knowledge System and Resource Management Practice among the Gab Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh.

    Sri. Benoy K. Behl

   The Greatest Journeys of Ideas- The Spread of Buddhism.

  Communities and Local History: A Study in the processes of Community formation in South- Western Bengal (from mid 19th century to 1947)..

   Shri Amitava Bhattacharya

  Survey of Sino Indian Artistic Discourse- A 20th Century Framework

    Shri Sanat K. Chakraborty

 Rules of Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs) in natural resource management, sustainable livelihood creation & poverty reduction in Northeastern
Region of India

    Ms Anuradha Chanda

  Literature in the Sylhet Nagri Script and identity formation in North East India and Bengal.

    Dr. Sarit. K. Chaudhuri

  Beads Tradition among the Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh.

   Dr. Harka Bahadur Chhetri

  Cultural Identity Crises of the Tea Tribes in Assam

  Study of Islamic Madrassas in India.

   Ms. Niharika Gupta

   Indian Travel Writing in the 19th & 20th Century: Surveys & Commentaries on China & her Neighbors

    Dr. Sujata Dutta Hazarika

  “Sustainability and Human Resource Development: Issues and Strategies- A Stud in Assam”.

    Imdad Hussain

  Protest Power in Colonial India and Post Colonial North East India.

   Dr. Salam Irene

  The Impact of Modernization on the Tribals of Manipur.

   Dr. K.K.N. Kurup

  Tradition Vs. Modernity: Muslim Women in Kerala Society after Independence.

   Ms. Putoli Langkam

  Role and Status of Women in Tribal Society of Arunachal Pradesh.

   Shri Phalguni Matilal

  Stillwell Road Survey.

   Ms.Soheli Mirza

  The Lang. Movement in Silchar: A case study of 19th May 1961.

   Shri Sraman Mukerjee

  Relics, Temples and Place Making: Archaeology and Buddhist Pilgrimage in 19th and 20th Century India ",.

   Prof. D. Nath

 Cultural Aspects of the Misings of Assam

   Dr. Jogendra Nath

  The Lang. Movement in Silchar: A case study of 19th May 1961.

   Shri Ranjan Palit

  Documentary Film- on the Rock Music of North East.

   Dr. R.C. Parida

  Problems & Prospects of Rural Industries in North- East India. A case study of Arunachal Pradesh

   Professor Ajay Patnaik

  Central Asia: Geopolitics, Security & Regional Stability.

   Abeda Razeq

  Translation of Azad's Urdu Work: "Tazkirah".

   Sri C. Sambi Reddy

  Integrated Secular Development of Andhra Pradesh, India.

   Dr. Soumen Sen

  Oral Traditions and Identity: A Study of Myths, Legends, and World View of a few Ethnic Groups of Northeast India.

  Prof. H. Sudhirkumar Singh

  Ethnographical Exploration of the Frontier: ReČ-examining the first half of the 20th century Northeast India.

  Dr.Prashanta Sharma

  The Annual Financial Plans of the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh & it's Implication.

   Dr. N. Venuh

  "People Heritage & Oral History of the Nagas"