Publications of the Institute Till Date

  Azad Institute Papers
ManyHistories and Few Silences – the Nationalist History of Nationalism in Bangladesh, Ranabir Samaddar


Central and North-West Asian Geopolitics in Post-USSR International Relations, Barun De

Regional Rivalries in Tajik Politics : The Current Scene, Suchandana Chatterjee

Minorities and Nationalising States in Central Asia, Anita Sengupta



China and South Asia : A Perspective for the Study of Bangla-China Relations, Mohd. Tajuddin

On Problems of writing a Comprehensive History of the Bangladesh Liberation War, Ranabir Samaddar


An Elegy on Partition : Akhtaruzzaman Elias' Khowabnama, Subhoranjan Dasgupta



Encyclopaedic Entry on Uzbekistan, 1924 - 1995, Anita Sengupta



Bangladesh and the Islamic World, Mohammad Tajuddin

The Cripps Mission : Its Background and Genesis, Prashanto K. Chatterji


Ethnicity and State-Building inTajikistan, Ajay Patnaik


Mongolia between China and Russia : An Historical Overview, Sharad Kumar Soni



The Grameen Way : Reaching the Bankable Poor, Malika Basu



Indian Freedom-fighters in Tashkent : 1917-1922 Contesting Ideologies : Nationalism, Pan Islamism and Marxism, Surendra Gopal

An Indian Strategic Perspective : A Theoretical Exercise, A. K. Ray



Inheritance of History : Ethnic Conflicts in Soviet and Post-Soviet Central Asia, Nalin Kumar Mohapatra



Early Persian Newspapers of Calcutta, Abdus Subhan



The Quit India Movement : Several Problems Reviewed, Prashanto K. Chatterji



Indian National Movement and the Integration of the Portuguese Settlements in India, K. S. Mathew



The Cabinet Mission : Grouping and the Congress, Ranju Bezbaruah


Nationalism in the Brahmaputra Valley : Economic Background, Priyam Goswami



Mongolia between Russia and China : Changing Equations, Sharad K. Soni


Mongolia-China Relations in Historical Perspective (1691-1911), Sharad K. Soni

WTO and South Asian Countries, Anshuman Gupta

Ethno-Religious Conflict in a Multi-Cultural Society : A Study of China’s North West Frontier Province of Xinjiang, Nalin Kumar Mohapatra

From Exclusion to Participation – The Story of SEWA Bank, Malika Basu